5 x 45 min
Cosmik is a collage of readings, discussions, sounds and music in five chapters, respectively treating the themes of death, hell, madness, the cosmic snake and astral travels. Materials were sourced in ancient writings – such as the Bible, the Coran or the Tibetan Book of the Dead – in more recent literature – William Blake, le marquis de Sade, Ramuz or Tundale, to name a few – as much as in contemporary discourses on schizophrenia or near death experiences published on online forum. Several interviews were also conducted. 
Produced for a radio, the work alternates between discourses and long interlude of instrumental music produced by various artists. 
The work is inspired by the spiritual eclectism of the New Age and new forms of proselytism developed within the psychedelic culture, notably on a background of intense techno music. Following on the red thread of the metaphysical, of what is beyond, it articulates distant discourses and times, melting them together in spite of their differences or contradictions through the sensory experience of sounds and beats. A sort of experimental contemporary preaching, Cosmik seeks to reflect the contemporary syncretization of spiritual cultures and the processes of metamorphosis of God in our society. 
Cosmik aired in 2017 on lafabrik.ch, an independant radio based in Geneva. 

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